When it comes to long-term learning effectiveness and performance improvement, enterprises like yours need multi-pronged curriculums that address various learning needs. An effective curriculum reduces time-to-competency and overall cost of training, allowing employees more time on-the-job and less time in the classroom. For over a decade, Indecomm Learning has been designing training curriculums that enhance learning value, generate business benefits, and keep pace with change.

The right curriculum can help your business and your learners in more ways than one.

Prioritize and reorganize existing components to shorten time-to-competency and time-to-market.
Customize learning interventions based on each target group's learning needs and performance objectives.
Reassess overall learning focus and reorient or redesign curriculums to align with long-term business goals.
Address curriculum inefficiencies to cut cost of delivery and money spent in tracking and monitoring of training.
Leverage blended learning to reduce costly face-to-face training and extensive on-the-job coaching requirements.
Ensure better compliance with industry regulations, company policies, and standard operating procedures.
Align your training curriculum to address knowledge and performance gaps, and add learning value at the point-of-need.
Introduce active learning models that stimulate recall, enhance comprehension, and boost functional competence.
Refresh your training curriculum with new-age learning methodologies to enhance learner engagement and offer learning flexibility.

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